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TI: Computer Science

Numerical algorithms and analysis

Computational simulation and analysis

Data visualization and virtual reality

Scientific and engineering computing

Parallel and distributed computing

Grid computing and cluster computing

Embedded and network computing

Algorithms and data structures

Programming language theory

Concurrent, parallel and distributed systems

Computational science

Health informatics

T2: Computing Intelligence

Genetic algorithms

Dna computing

Granular computing

Particle swarm optimization

Simulated annealing

Evolutionary computation

Ant colony optimization

Fuzzy set theory

Adaptive systems

Artificial intelligence

Expert system

Intelligent robots

Intelligent control

Natural language processing

Machine learning

Knowledge acquisition and knowledge processing system

Knowledge representation and retrieva

T3: Information Technology

Artificial intelligence and expert systems

Adaptive learning automata

Bioinformatics and biological computing and engineering

Database and data warehouses

Geographical information systems (GIS)

Global positioning systems (GPS)

Human-computer interaction (HCI)

Network systems, proxies and servers

Neural networks

Protocols and standards

Signal and image processing

System engineering

Web-Based Simulation Applications

T4: Telecommunications Systems

Adaptive communications

Channel estimation

Cooperative communications

Channel coding

Interference management

Modulation techniques

MIMO systems

Novel applications enabled by telecommunication networking systems

OFDM communications

Power line communication

Satellite communication

Spread-spectrum communications

UWB communications

Wireless broadcasting

Wireless communication



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